Joao Wenne Dikuanga (born 1927) – Hunter and Elephant




Framed oil on canvas.
Joao Wenne Dikuanga, one of the Platfontein San artists was born in Cuito, Angola. Joao grew up as a traditional hunter-gatherer before working briefly on the mines in Johannesburg, he returned to Angola and was forced to flee to Namibia during the war. With Namibian independence the !Xun and Khwe people were moved to Schmidstdrift in the Northern Cape, before finally settling in Platfontein near Kimberley, where Joao lived with his his wife Zurietta and their family.
Joao’s art features as the cover picture for Marlene Sullivan Winberg’s book, My Elands Heart, which documents many of the San artists, including Joao and his wife Zurietta Dikuanga, and their artwork.

Inner Dimensions: 59cm W x 64cm H
Outer Dimensions: 71cm W x 76cm H