Stefaans (Tuoi) Samcuia (1951-2003) – Springbuck and Eland




Unsigned framed oil on canvas
(Tuoi) Stefaans Samcuia was born in Eenhana, Namibia in 1951, both parents died when he was a child. He worked on a cattle farm in Okahandja and later became a subsistence farmer and hunter-gatherer. In 1990, he left for Schmidtsdrift after working for the SA Defence Force.
His work is documented in Marlene Sullivan Winberg’s book, My Eland’s Heart.  “I cannot read or write.  I draw and paint.  That is where people must read my work.”
Baobabs, Stormclouds, Animals and People is an impressive 28-metre-wide artwork in the main foyer of the CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre). It was based on linocuts by Samcuia who sadly died of tuberculosis in 2003, before he could see his work displayed. The linocuts were translated into metal relief sculptures by Brett Murray.

Inner dimensions: 55cm W x 59cm H
Outer dimensions: 63cm W x 66cm H